Services and Costs

Services and costs "all inclusive"

The peculiarities of this event made a long and careful search necessary for finding the best options in order to offer a high level service in the tradition of the most important Randonnées, like the PBP and the LEL, and in accordance with the IGT "Italia del Grand Tour" format.

The offered format is "all inclusive" due to logistical reasons and allows all riders to enjoy the route and ride with no worries. Clearly, the trip back from Palermo needs to be planned by each cyclist on his/her own.

During the planning process local associations from Sardinia and Sicily offered they precious contribution; in particular Tonino Scarpitti, Massimiliano Troncia, Domenico Fresu, Paolo Massenti, Giordano Salvatore, Salvatore Bonfiglio Alessandro Caldarella and their associations offered the greatest help. Also thanks to selected accommodations, tour operators, local institutions and other sport associations 6+6 Isole will be able to offer high quality services.

More details about food and beverage will be available later on; however you can count on good variety, authenticity and tradition.

Summary of the offered services "all inclusive":

  • Dinner before the Start at the Setar hotel in Quartu Sant'Elena

  • Four check points in Sardinia

  • Dinner, shower, dormitory (max 100) and breakfast at the Rando Point in Dorgali

  • Buffet and shower at finish in Quartu Sant'Elena, Setar hotel

  • Dinner, bed in a shared cabin and breakfast onboard during boat transfer to Palermo

  • Five check points in Sicily

  • Dinner, shower, dormitory and breakfast at Rando Point in Linguaglossa

  • Buffet and shower at the Hotel in Palermo at Finish

The entry fee is equal to 400,00 € in total

for those who complete their pre-accreditation by 20 November 2018

Optional Services

Optional services can be booked during online accreditation.

These services intend to meet special needs, like early arrival in Cagliari or late leave from Palermo, use of one's own car, lower prices in selected accommodations also for those following the riders.


- Arrival in Cagliari at the 4-star Hotel Sighientu on Tuesday 23 April and full board 90,00 €
- Single bed at the Hotel in Dorgali on Thursday 25 April 20,00 €
- Bag Drop Service in Dorgali and Linguaglossa 20,00 €
- Luggage transfer service from Quartu on board and to the Hotel in Palermo 10,00 €
- Overnight stays at the 4-star Hotel San Paolo in Palermo, including breakfast:  
   single room 55,00 €
   double room 75,00 €
   triple room 95,00 €


For those wishing to stay in Palermo from Monday night, contact the hotel S. Paolo which reserves special conditions for members and escorts. (Rita Muratore (+39) 0916211112